Welcome to maminka creations

Maminka Creations designs, develops and manufactures unique handmade products. Our first and most notable brand is sjoe!lala, a signature range of luxurious indoor footwear.

Recently we have introduced a range of handmade crystal and semi-precious gemstone beaded jewellery under the brand LUCIRE and look forward to expanding both these brands, as well as the introduction of a whole new offering currently in development.

Proudly South African, Maminka Creations strives to support the local manufacturing and wholesaler industry, SME’s and crafters, as well as charities.

For more information email or whatsapp us:

orders@maminkacreations.com | lucire@maminkacreations.com | sjoelala@maminkacreations.com
+27 63 931 4320  | +27 81 044 3273 | + 27 81 008 0594
Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa