Companies Partnered With NuDebt


eColls™ is a digital first, in the credit management industry, where the corporate’s customers can conveniently create payment arrangements and make payments, using the the eColls™ payment link, data-free.
Customers can update their personal information, log queries, make payments and choose from various payment options and get rewarded for positive payment behaviour.

Blignaut Neerahoo Incorporated Attorneys (BNI Attorneys)

Blignaut Neerahoo Incorporated Attorneys is a well-established law firm situated in Alberton.
BNI Attorneys comprises a team of qualified, experienced attorneys and paralegals, attending to defended matters, legal collections, legal requirements and support.


EasyDebit© offers a comprehensive range of payment services that can be set up according to your business needs. EasyDebit specialises in once-off debits, recurring debits, scheduled payments, as well as bank and identity verification services.

Make A Difference Academy
(MAD Academy)

NuDebt partnered with MAD Academy, a Services SETA accredited training institution, providing non-accredited and accredited courses to enable personal growth throughout all levels of employment.
MAD’s clear purpose is “to restore dignity in students and leading them to the belief that they can make a difference”. MAD’s programmes are designed to help students and staff LEARN, GROW AND PROSPER.
MAD can assist the employer, employee and Business South Africa in providing training and sourcing solutions in the contact centre industry.

Bligvest Global Business Services (GBS)

Bligvest GBS is a diversified investment holding company with investments in

  • Financial Services
  • Tax Advisory
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Accounting Services
  • Media

Bligvest GBS establishes and maintains relationships with clients by providing exceptional services to clients.